Las Vegas Author and Public Speaker Jack Sheehan.  Available To Write  Biographies And Memoirs.

  Biographies and Memoirs by Jack Sheehan

   Best-selling Las Vegas author, newspaper columnist, screenwriter, and public speaker Jack Sheehan, who has written over 20 non-fiction books, is available to write full-length biographies and shorter memoirs.

   The full-length books, which usually run between 200-300 pages and requires as many as 20 to 40 interviews with principal players in the subject's life, are written with a balanced viewpoint and an elegant style which has won Sheehan many regional and national awards, including the Lowell Thomas Award for Outstanding Travel Writing in the U.S., the Nevada Screenwriters Award for Outstanding Screenplay, and a journalists' society award as Best Feature Writer in the Western U.S.

   Time frame from start to finish of these biographies usually ranges from 12 to 18 months. The memoirs can be done in between two to six months. Sheehan personally conducts all interviews, writes every word, and negotiates publishing and printing arrangements. Price range varies from $25-$50,000 for memoirs and low six figures for biographies.

   Inquiries can be emailed to or by calling 702.277.0660. Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to speaking with you.

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Biographies by Jack Sheehan

Forgotten Man Bill Bennett biography by best-selling Las Vegas author Jack Sheehan. Available November 2010.

Forgotten Man
Bill Bennett
by Jack Sheehan

How Circus Circus's Bill Bennett Brought Middle America to Las Vegas. A biography told through in-depth interviews with those who knew the man, who as much as anyone built modern Las Vegas. Available November 2010.

Quiet Kingmaker Of Las Vegas, E. Parry Thomas by best-selling author Jack Sheehan.

Quiet Kingmaker of Las Vegas
E. Parry Thomas biography
by Jack Sheehan

Quiet Kingmaker paints a fascinating portrait of a man who saw the potential of Las Vegas early on and then set about making sure his vision came true. Along the way, Parry Thomas raised a fine and successful family and helped many entrepreneurs see their own dreams realized. Elaine Wynn sums up the man: "There's no one who had a broader view of what Las Vegas could become than Parry, nor is there anyone who had better intentions for the direction the city might go."


Class Of '47 Annapolis America's Best by best-selling author Jack Sheehan.

Class of '47 Annapolis America's Best
by Jack Sheehan

The United States Naval Academy Class of 1947 combined perhaps the most distinguished and accomplished group in American military school history. With a former U.S. President, a Nobel Prize Winner, two Medal of Honor winners, several Rhodes Scholars, a former Director of the CIA, a former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the billionaire Chairman of the legendary Masters tournament all in the same class, there must have been something in the drinking water. In this two-year research project, Sheehan reveals the amazing stories behind this esteemed and heroic group that he calls, "the most patriotic and inspiring group of men I've ever met."


Jack Sheehan Best-Selling Author and Keynote Speaker.

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Awards and Recognitions...

1991 Lowell Thomas Award
For Outstanding Land Travel Article In The United States titled, "The Loneliest Road in America" which appeared in Endless Vacation Magazines.
Lowell Thomas Award 1991, awarded to Author Jack Sheehan.

1988 Nevada Screenwriters Award
For "Buddies", optioned to Warner Brothers Motion Pictures and ABC television.

1987 Western States Outstanding Journalist Award
For magazine feature writing.

Inducted into the Las Vegas Golf Hall of Fame in 2009 and received the Lifetime Achievement Award Vegas Golfer Magazine in 2007.

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